Image of Bound By Temptation


Image of Bound By Temptation

Kent hits the mark with a pure romance, allowing nothing to take away from the heated sensuality between the hero and heroine. Even the search for a missing
sister doesn't detract from the sizzling conflict. Readers will applaud her mature characters, whose adult love story is simultaneously delightful and sexy.

To the world it appears that Clara, Lady Westington, is a scandalous widow. Her wild ways are her homage to her beloved husband, who loved fun. In truth, Clara desires to repair her reputation and live quietly.

But her attempts are thrown into turmoil when Jonathan Masters catches her stealing his watch and ties her to a bed. That's just the beginning of an unwanted relationship that heats up. The more they get to know and understand one another, the stronger their bond grows. Still, marriage is impossible -- or is it? (AVON, Feb., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin