The first Sentinel Wars novella, “Bound By Vengeance”, has all of the heat of the author’s full-length novels. But for this shorter work, Butcher strips away the series’ complexity and instead focuses fully on Dakota and Liam’s relationship. With intense emotions as the characters face a fight to survive that seems impossible, the Sentinel books are never easy reads, but the fantastic writing and intriguing cast of characters keep fans coming back for more!

As a human Defender fighting against the evil synestryn, Dakota Kacey knows how to protect herself. But when she makes a small mistake, it’s not Dakota who pays but her brother. Fueled by loyalty and guilt, Dakota vows to go after the monsters who killed her brother, even if it means her death. However, the Theronai warrior Liam Lann who is tasked with protecting Dakota is not about to let anything happen to her. Liam’s resolve is solidified when they touch and he realizes that Dakota is his mate. But Dakota is too wrapped up in grief to understand that this means she is the key to saving his life, the only one who can slow the overflow of magic that is wreaking havoc on Liam’s body. However, Dakota is willing to barter her future for Liam’s battle skills. If he can slay the monster that she is hunting, she will become his mate. (NAL, Feb., dl., $2.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne