This is the first book in Fletcher’s exciting new Warrior King series. Readers will be captivated from the first page by the brave lass bound to a Highland warrior, body and soul. The writing is strong, the action continuous, the mysteries plentiful and the sexual tension high.

Duncan MacAlpin is on a secret mission with his three brothers to raise an army that will put the legendary King of Scotland back on the throne. He is captured by the false king’s men and shackled to a bedraggled beauty named Mercy. Duncan has no time for women but Mercy proves to be a strong, courageous survivor, whom he cannot help but admire and soon, love. They become partners and lovers before they realize they are enemies, for Mercy is the bastard daughter of the false king, whom Duncan is plotting to overthrow. (AVON, Sep., 322 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer