Image of The Bounty Hunter And The Heiress


Image of The Bounty Hunter And The Heiress

Finch has created two strong, independent characters determined to get their own way. This ensures a plot rich with tension, frustration and even humor. The story has plenty of action and an unforeseen plot twist toward the end. At times, though, the dialogue feels stilted and a little too formal given the background of the character and the plot
situation. Despite that, the story is fast paced and an enjoyable read.

When wealthy Denver socialite Evangeline Hallowell tries to hire bounty hunter J.D. Raven to find the man who swindled her sister, he refuses to help her. Undaunted, she tricks him into a pretend marriage and, against his better judgment, into a search for the swindler. Along the way, several attempts are made on their lives.

As the danger escalates, so does the passion between Raven and Evangeline. When Evangeline is taken hostage, Raven is stunned to discover the identity of her assailant. He must strike quickly or lose the only woman he has ever loved. (Harlequin, Aug., 326 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Roberts