Espionage and intrigue are key
components in this new installment of Wiesner's Incognito series. From the heroine who isn't quite who she seems to the hero with the mysterious illness, this book grabs you at the first page and doesn't let up on the action until the last page.

Natalie Francis is an operative for a covert branch of the government. After some reconstructive surgery, she poses as deceased investigative reporter Adrienna Kelly to draw important information from Adrienna's former lover, Rebel Porter.

Rebel, an investigative reporter himself, has spent years gathering information on a corrupt bigwig. After Reb's wife and his partner's son were killed, he went into hiding. He can't believe his eyes when former lover Adrienna shows up. Unfortunately, he's too ill at first to question why she is suddenly in his life again.

Natalie believes that Reb is hooked on drugs but soon realizes that he has, in fact, been brainwashed. When something goes wrong with Natalie's team, the two go undercover to stay alive -- and, in the process, find love. (Whiskey Creek, Feb., 257 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler