The bride throws the bouquet, but it lands in the ceiling fan and breaks into pieces, tagging four reluctant candidates for the altar. The premise of this collection is as delightful as its well-crafted love stories.

In Barton's "Flowers by Felicity," Felicity Carmichael can't believe her hard work has been ripped to shreds. Her floral shop may not survive the resulting newspaper photo feature, and it doesn't help that she caught one of the pieces. Should she let the repentant photographer make it up to her?

In Hunt's tale, widow Konni Strong wants nothing to do with romance. So when the "Petals of Promise" land in her hands, she drops them and runs—straight into Rick Hamilton. The handsome superintendent of schools lays siege to her resolve. Will Konni allow God to heal her grief in time to embrace love once more?

Rose Bentley's catering business needs all of her attention. She swings to throw the flowers away and hits Lucas Montgomery. They both tumble into the wedding cake she spent days creating. With a dislocated shoulder, Rose has little choice but to let Lucas help her. Romance blooms, but will it wither when she discovers his secret in Petit's "Rose in Bloom"?

In "Flowers for a Friend" by Sattler, Geoff Manfrey can't believe flowers just landed on his head. He laughs and gives the bouquet to a little girl. The child's big sister, Clarissa, isn't amused when her sibling reacts with a serious crush on the older man. In trying to discourage the infatuation, Clarissa and Goeff fall in love. Can Clarissa convince him God means for them to be together? (Apr., 352 pp., $6.97)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson