Image of Boy Nobody (The Unknown Assassin)

Boy Nobody

Image of Boy Nobody (The Unknown Assassin)

This page-turner blends the excitement and intrigue of a shadowy world of spies and assassins with an area even harder to navigate: romance. The constant action and likeable characters make Boy Nobody an enjoyable twist of the classic “assassin falls in love with target” trope. Prepare yourself for a truly shocking ending.

Boy Nobody is a teen with one mission: Befriend a targeted kid his age, and use that friendship to gain access to and kill one of the kid’s parents. His newest assignment, the mayor of New York City, is the highest-profile case in his career, but the mayor’s daughter is different from his previous marks. In her presence, Boy feels the stirring of dangerous emotions, which leads to hesitation as he prepares to finish his fatal task. (LITTLE, BROWN, Jun., 352 pp., $18.00)

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Zachary Kram