What do you get when you mix 15 ex-boyfriends and a shrink? A poignant new book about how our past mistakes turn us into who we are.

Roo's world is sinking fast. She's suffering from panic attacks and is forced to visit a shrink named Dr. Z. To determine the source of her attacks, Dr. Z asks her to make a list of all her past boyfriends. Through this list, Roo tells the story of her love life and her friends and family. By understanding the boys she's dated, crushed on and been betrayed by, she learns about herself.

This is an ingenious way to look at one teenager's life. But who is E. Lockhart? The book is spectacular, with a well-constructed story and deep, emotional significance. The author should scream her name, loud and proud. (Mar., 240 pp., $15.95)

Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris