Image of Brain Camp


Image of Brain Camp

An interesting graphic novel that grabs readers by the throat. The story is not clearly teen-rated or for younger kids. A couple of scenes keep it from being appropriate for the middle school crowd. Nonetheless, authors Kim & Klaven are funny with spontaneous quips and cutting humor. This is a sidesplitting, teen-oriented mystery read.

Lucas and Jenna's frustrated parents have forced them to attend summer camp. But, camp isn't quite what they thought it would be. Several mysteries arise such as where have some of their fellow campers gone and why do a few of the other campers seem to be getting smarter? Who among this ragtag group of unique kids are Lucas and Jenna's friends and allies, and can they solve these strange happenings before camp comes to an end for the summer? Lucas and Jenna are determined to sort it all out. (First Second, Aug., 160 pp., $16.99, Graphic Novel, ISBN: 9781596433663)

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Reviewed by: 
Doug Edwards