Eileen Dreyer knocks readers off their feet with the wit and dark humor of her outstanding hardcover debut. You won't forget the power, pain and moral ambiguity of this incredible novel.

Small Puckett, Missouri, wants to put its name on the map by developing one of the premier Alzheimer care facilities in the nation. With Restcrest, Doctors Alex Raymond and Peter Davies are on the cutting edge of both research and care for the afflicted. Working in the ER for Memorial Medical Center, Nurse Timmie Leary-Parker sees the end stages of Restcrest's patients, while at home, she is dealing with her father's descent into the disease.

As much as she loves her father, Timmie can't keep him at home much longer. He is too strong and violent, and she fears for the safety of her six-year-old daughter Meghan. Sadly, she lacks the funds to get him situated in a properly run facility like Restcrest. When several unexplained deaths occur, Timmie smells a rat, but she has no way to validate her suspicions.

Daniel Murphy is a recovering alcoholic and former Pulitzer prize-winning reporter living a semi-retired existence. An anonymous phone call and an attempted shooting to which the entire town turns a blind eye intrigue him. Is there an "angel of mercy" visiting Puckett, or a serial killer that the town wants to ignore?

(June, 608 pp, $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith