Image of Branded by a Callahan


Image of Branded by a Callahan

BRANDED BY A CALLAHAN (4) by Tina Leonard: Dante Callahan heads home to Hell’s Colony to visit his family for Halloween and maybe see bodyguard Ana St. John again. He has the hots for her, but is truly surprised when she turns up in his bed. When the two realize they have been kidnapped, Ana works up the courage to admit she wants Dante to be a father to the baby she deeply desires. But his actions after they escape give her second thoughts. It’s not until she tries on the magic wedding dress that things between them seem to go seriously wrong. The Callahan saga continues with plenty of humor and heart, as Dante Callahan finds a passel of trouble when he tries to romance his lady-love with the magic working against him.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley