Ian MacShane has come to the Colorado Territory to check on his investment in a saloon and to avenge his family's brutal death.

Ann McCastle, part owner and manager of McCastle's Saloon, has no use for the arrogant, demanding drifter. She has worked too long and too hard to relinquish her goal to avenge her parents' death, and wants no help from her new partner, Ian MacShane.

But without Ian's aid, Ann stands to lose everything to the very man she despises: the man obsessed with possessing her, Cash Weatherby. She and some of her "girls" have been masquerading as outlaws, stealing Weatherby's payrolls and secretly plotting his downfall. Now, to save the saloon, Ann must marry him.

Their marriage of convenience is a heated verbal sparring match and an even more impassioned, sensual battle of wills. Though Ann begins to fall in love with Ian, she is afraid to trust him with her secrets. Ian has his own hidden agenda, and once he and Ann set out to right the wrongs of the past, they plunge themselves into danger and must confront Weatherby before they can be free.

With that fine master's touch, Heather Graham grabs the reader's attention from page one and keeps them captive to the very end. This pulse-pounding, deeply sensual and exciting romance is branded with Ms. Graham's skill for recreating an atmosphere by bringing full-blooded characters and a searing love story to life. SENSUAL (Feb., 422 pp., $5.99)

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