One of the premier writers of contemporary fiction returns with the latest thought-provoking novel BRASS RING.
In her most powerful book to date, Diane Chamberlain brings all the finely drawn characterizations and emotional depth she is famous for to this moving and gripping drama.

On the surface Claire Harte-Mathias is content, happy and in control of her life. The illusion of a perfect life is shattered late one stormy night when Claire and Jon spot a woman standing on an icy bridge preparing to jump. Since Jon is wheelchair bound, it is Claire who approaches the woman to convince her not to jump. But Margot St. Pierre is determined and in those last tense and terrible minutes something changes in Claire's life. She begins to suffer from terrifying and mystifying flashback images. Claire hopes that with the help of Margot's brother, Randy Donovan, she can stop the chilling images, but despite their efforts, the flashbacks worsen.

Jon is trapped in a terrible horrible nightmares buried in Claire's past, but is warned that telling her may do more harm than good. Claire needs to discover her past at her own rate. But if Jon doesn't divulge the past, will he lose Claire to Randy?

Dr. Vanessa Gray hasn't seen her older sister Claire for thirty years, since the day her father took Vanessa and left Claire and their mother behind. Unlike Claire, Vanessa has no problem remembering her brutal molestation as a child, and the events that nearly destroyed her. Vanessa is faced with a terrible choice; the man who haunts her dreams is now a powerful senator who ironically presents himself as a women's advocate. Does Vanessa have the courage to expose this man? Even if she does, will anyone believe her?

Buried deep in Claire's subconscious are the memories that could confirm Vanessa's story, but does Claire have the courage to face them?

(Oct., 384 pp., $21.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith