Image of Brazen


Image of Brazen

Banks starts with a great premise -- a woman fighting for a relationship with the two men she loves -- but ultimately confuses and frustrates the reader. The protagonist often seems immature and selfish in her motives for the two men's affection. Banks also fails to portray a genuine menage relationship. There is stronger attraction between the protagonist and alpha brother Seth than with the beta brother, Zane. Still, the story is redeemed by moments of genuine emotion exhibited by characters.

Jasmine Quinn left her home at Sweetwater Ranch because she couldn't reconcile her affection for both Morgan brothers, Zane and Seth. A year in Paris has not only matured her, it's also opened her eyes to alternate possibilities.

Now, Jaz is going home to claim both Zane and Seth as hers. Her hardest sell for a menage relationship is Seth, who doesn't think that he will be able to share her, even with his brother. It's up to Jaz to show Seth how beautiful their relationship can be because it's winner takes all. (Samhain, Jul., 246 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart