Image of Brazen (Regency Flings)


Image of Brazen (Regency Flings)

Maguire continues her saga in an exhilarating tale peopled with a wonderfully complex, sexy hero and a bold heroine whom readers will embrace. At times the pacing may flag and readers will easily guess the identity of the villain, but the touches of humor and the natural sensuality of the characters propel the story, satisfying readers.

As an ex-sharpshooter/assassin during the war, Captain Gavin Briggs is haunted by his past and yearns for peace. He has one final mission; to locate the estranged granddaughter of a coldhearted duke and collect the money he desperately needs. Christina, Lady Fairhaven, has always known she was adopted by her loving parents. She never cared to locate her birth family; her only concern is stopping a blackmailer’s accusations that her reckless younger brother, Lang, is a traitor. Everyone believes Lang died in battle, but if he is alive then only Christina can save him. She insists Gavin help her. Gavin is so close to his goal that he agrees. The closer they come to catching their prey the greater the desire that ignites between them. As the villains reveal themselves, Christina uncovers surprising truths, and Gavin may find redemption. (AVON, Dec., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin