Intent upon unmasking the elusive lady bandit known as the Brazen Angel, Giles Corlin, Earl of Trahern, pits his wits with the best detectives in London. Working for the Foreign Office gives him an advantage. Giles' search leads from London's aristocratic ballrooms and bedrooms to blood-soaked Paris streets during the Reign of Terror, following a woman he knows, but does not recognize.

Sophie has more to worry about than Giles Trahern, such as her plan to gain her family's freedom from Robespierre. Posing as the fragile Sophie gives her the opportunity she needs, even if she must be engaged to Lord Trahern. Her deception appears successful, but Giles is as devious as she, and soon exposes one of her identities. It isn't until they meet while Sophie plays the role of a Revolutionary heroine, that Giles understands the truth behind the masquerade.

Diamond Debut Award Winner Elizabeth Boyle brings to life a vibrant story of a delightfully inventive and spirited heroine who is as bold, brazen and passionate as any hero and the ideal match for the daring and dashing Giles. Wildly adventurous, stirring and sensual, this novel will keep you turning the pages all night. Ms. Boyle has made her mark as a vibrant new voice in the genre with an exciting and refreshing "desire in disguise" tale that ensures her a place on reader's shelves. SENSUAL (Aug., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin