Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially when that woman is Maureen Hawthorn.

To save herself and her crew from hanging, Maureen makes a bargain with the devil to capture the traitor who stole her love and betrayed the pirate Brotherhood.

Intent upon catching the elusive pirate known as De Ryes, the Lord Admiral turns Maureen into a lady and sends her into society to ensnare De Ryes.

Julien DArtiers leads a double life as a gentleman and a pirate. Yet he has never forgotten the role he played in destroying the Brotherhood and the trusting girl he married as part of the scheme. Believing Maureen is dead, he thinks he sees a ghost when she walks into a ballroom, more beautiful than he remembers.

Though Maureen recognizes Julien, she does not give him away. They become caught in the Lord Admirals game and begin playing with fire, likely to get burned by the flames of love that erupt between them.

Julien will have to prove himself innocent of her fathers death and explain why she is a pawn in a cruel scheme before he can gain her trust.

Elizabeth Boyle creates a page-turning adventure that takes Maureen and Julien from ballrooms to bedrooms, from flashbacks of the past to narrow escapes in the present, combining a high-seas adventure with a Regency historical that holds you captive. With BRAZEN TEMPTRESS, Ms. Boyle makes an indelible mark on the genre. SENSUAL (July, 389 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin