Mills kicks off the Call of Duty series with a novel jam-packed with twists that will leave readers breathless. Intriguing characters, a crisis of faith and the element of surprise make this novel a must-read for any avid suspense reader.

No one is who they seem in Split Creek, Okla., including ex-CIA operative Paige Rodgers. Once involved in a covert mission that destroyed more than her reputation, she was forced to go into hiding. But not even this small town can hide her from Daniel Keary, the man responsible for ruining her life and killing countless others. As he runs for governor he's determined to make sure Paige stays in her place.

When evidence appears that Daniel is up to his old tricks, Paige reconsiders getting back into the game to bring him down for good. But how can she reconcile her faith with the tactics she must use? And what will she do when those she loves fall victim to Daniel's lust to win at all costs? (TYNDALE, Mar., 382 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes