Photographer Dominique Falcon is determined to make it without her wealthy, influential familys help. Shes budgeted and planned her strategy, giving herself two years to succeed. Using her mothers maiden name, Dominique hopes to create her own success. After all, who would connect mild mannered, hard working Dominique Everett to the formidable Falcon clan? But her best laid plans are reduced to shambles by her godmothers sexy, handsome neighbor, Trent Masters. The dynamite attraction explodes between them.

Dominique blows Trent away. Even though shes everything he detests in a womanfinancially unstable and needyhe cant stop thinking of her or drooling over her every time theyre together. Against his better judgment, he helps her floundering studio by introducing her to influential members of the community, telling himself hes only doing it because he owes her godmother. But the truth is he wants Ms. Everett any way he can get her.

Francis Ray is a literary chanteuse, crooning the most sensual romantic fiction melodies in a compelling performance of skill and talent that culminates in another solid gold hit! (Aug., 253 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson