Image of Breakfast in Bed


Image of Breakfast in Bed

With snappy dialogue, complex characters and an intricate web of relationships, Kaye has created an extended family that's both honest and enjoyable. Even the recognizable plot conventions, a semi-psychic aunt and a peculiar pet, don't feel tired in this story of forgiveness and family ties, the third book in her Domestic Gods series.

All Becca wants is to focus on her artwork. So when she sublets a relative's apartment, she doesn't count on having to share it with Rich, her sister-in-law's hunky brother. Rich couldn't be more thrilled about the accident; he needs Becca to teach him how to be a domestic god to win back his ex.

Becca and Rich make good roommates, but they struggle to translate their trust as roommates into trust as partners. Their relationship is tested by trust issues and lies of omission, but will these challenges be too much for Becca's bruised heart? (SOURCEBOOKS, Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)
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Whitney Kate Sullivan