Paradise Beach, FL is in an uproar. Longtime resident and elderly social doyenne Mary Todd is declared incompetent by a judge and control of her person and estate is given over to her unscrupulous nephew.

Erin Kelly considers Mary to be a friend and mentor and vows to use every devious trick in the book to get the judgement overturned. Attorney Richard Wesley III also is determined to help his dear friend, but when Mary refuses to testify on her own behalf, his hands are tied. Erin and Rich lock horns as they both attempt to save Mary; however, when one of Erin's slightly off-the-wall plans takes an unexpected turn, Paradise Beach suddenly finds itself in the middle of a highly unusual (read bizarre) mob war.

Like always, Mary Todd has a plan in mind, but she can only shake her head and watch her beloved friends' creative attempts to save her, using—what else—her own patented manipulation methods.

It is always fun to visit the wacky denizens of Paradise Beach and this time it looks like Mary might get her comeuppance. Leave it to author Sue Civil-Brown to deliver outrageous humor and fun. (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith