Image of Breaking All The Rules (Mediterranean Nights)


Image of Breaking All The Rules (Mediterranean Nights)
Taking a cruise on Alexandra's Dream to celebrate her mother's 65th birthday proves hazardous to sportswriter Lola Sandler's peace of mind -- and her closely guarded heart. Already on edge because of a scandal involving her ex-husband, she's surprisingly vulnerable to the charms of golf pro Eric Lashman, no stranger to the headlines himself. What Lola sees as a shipboard flirtation blossoms into an amazing night together, and she's willing to leave it at that. Eric has other ideas -- but that's before Lola reveals who she is and what she does. Action-packed and suspenseful, Marisa Carroll's Breaking All the Rules (4) continues perhaps the best continuity series in a long time. There's multilevel tension between Lola and Eric, and it drives the story in interesting directions.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer