Image of Breaking the Bank


Image of Breaking the Bank

This quick read is based on a novel concept, and the characters and antics are delightful. McDonough has a smooth style that gets the reader invested from the get-go.

Recently unemployed, Mia Saul is trying to support her daughter, Eden, as a freelance editor. She receives little compensation from her ex-husband, Lloyd, who left Mia for a manicurist. So when the bank machine gives Mia $200 instead of the requested $100, she is sure the bank will discover their error and remedy the situation.

She cannot believe her good fortune when the error goes unnoticed and continues to occur. Throw in a drug dealer, a bartender and his tarot card-reading mother, a prison fling and $10,000, and Mia is in for one wild ride! What will she do with her newfound windfall? (DOWNTOWN, Sep., 358 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee