Image of Breaking Free (Thoroughbred Legacy)


Image of Breaking Free (Thoroughbred Legacy)
Finally reunited with Louisa Fairchild, her long-estranged great-aunt, corporate attorney Megan Stafford is horrified when cop Dylan Hastings accuses Louisa of arson -- and murder -- at Lochlain Racing. When Louisa is hospitalized after a heart attack, Megan vows to prove her innocence. Finding herself attracted to Dylan is unexpected and unwelcome; any sort of relationship will be complicated, regardless of Louisa's fate. Megan's life is in the city, and Dylan's firmly rooted right where he is. Loreth Anne White's Breaking Free (3) has a reasonably solid plot and conflict, but it lacks real romance, and Dylan's baggage is a tad cliched.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer