Image of Breaking Loose (Steele Street)


Image of Breaking Loose (Steele Street)

Janzen adds a potential woo-woo twist to her latest high-stakes SDF adventure, in which everyone is after an ancient Egyptian statue that may hold the key
to immortality. Besides doing her usual excellent combo of fast-paced action
and passionate sizzle, Janzen also throws in a major series twist. Fans
will be elated!

With most of the SDF team on other assignments, General Grant sends contract operative and art expert Suzi Toussi to Paraguay to track down a legendary stolen statue. The Memphis Sphinx supposedly has mystical powers, and the government wants it back. Dax Killian is also after the Sphinx, but for a different reason. He needs information that only Erich Warner can provide, so Dax has made a deal with the devil.

Things go to hell quickly when the police raid the seedy gallery where the Sphinx is being auctioned. With Dax's help, Suzi gets out of the gallery in one piece, but now there are fake statues and dead bodies turning up. (DELL, Aug., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith