FBI agent Jules Cassidy's heart almost stops when he sees a list of the deceased from a bombing in Germany. But the hardest part is telling his boss and friend Max Bhagat that Gina Vitagliano is dead. Although Max had done his best to drive Gina away, nothing prepares him for the blow that the news of her death brings. But when Max and Jules fly to Germany to identify Gina's body, they discover there's been a mistake—the dead woman may have Gina's passport, but she is not Gina.

When black-market smuggler Grady Morant shows up, Max knows the situation is bad. For months, Gina and Molly Anderson had been working in a remote Kenyan hospital, where Grady found them. Star-crossed lovers Grady and Molly were hoping for their chance at happiness, but now someone has kidnapped Gina and Molly. With the world in the grip of another terrorist threat, it will be up to Max, Jules and Grady to rescue the missing women.

The long wait is finally over—it's time for Max and Gina to get their due! That this exceptional couple has faced unique obstacles makes their story sweeter. With undeniable skill, Brockmann delivers an action-packed and breathtaking thriller that was well worth the wait. (Jul., 400 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith