Image of Breaking the Rules: A Novel (Troubleshooters)


Image of Breaking the Rules: A Novel (Troubleshooters)

At long last Izzy Zanella gets his due as Brockmann’s newest thriller spotlights the screwed-up Gillman clan. As is her practice, Brockmann has multiple relationship and story threads weaving in and out of the action. Not only are troubled lovers Izzy and Eden and Dan and Jennilyn given a second chance, but the long-simmering feud between Izzy and Dan comes to a head. Fast paced and filled with emotional landmines, Brockmann gives her readers a great story full of old friends and new adventures.

Saying the Gillman family is dysfunctional is an understatement, but the fallout is destroying a teenage boy’s life. Eden Gillman is still not talking to her estranged husband Izzy Zanella and she has not been able to communicate with her brother, Dan, who is in Afghanistan. Dan is severely wounded and Izzy nearly loses his life trying to save him. Meanwhile, the Gillmans’ younger brother Ben is being abused by their stepfather and Eden is desperate to gain custody of Ben. To save him, Izzy heads to Las Vegas and learns that the danger to Ben and Eden isn’t just from their stepfather. (BALLANTINE, Apr., 528 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith