Image of The Breakup Bible


Image of The Breakup Bible

Kantor's wit and humor will have you laughing, even while poor Jennifer cries. For a book that's mostly about heartbreak, Jen never feels pathetic or whiny. In fact, you'll adore her and feel her pain through every gut-wrenching yet hilarious page.

Breaking up is hard to do, right? For Jen, it feels impossible because she thought she would be with Max forever. To help, her grandmother gives her a copy of The Breakup Bible. Jen scoffs but decides to read it since she has nothing else to do. She has to figure out who she is without Max, and we're guessing it's someone better than she ever imagined. (HYPERION, May, 272 pp., $15.99, ISBN: 9780786809622, 12 and Up, HC)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris