Image of Breath


Image of Breath

The Riders of the Apocalypse is a rare series with each book is more engaging than the last. Kessler wraps up her Riders with each Horseman wonderfully developed, while also finally playing up the witty and intriguing Death, whom we’ve seen very little of up to this point. She creates a fast-paced story that captures the darkness of young adulthood while effectively weaving in supernatural elements. With the proceeds of each book going to a different cause, this quartet comes highly recommended.

Xander seems to have it all: talent, loyal friends, and a gorgeous girlfriend. But once he encounters Death, he’s forced to open his eyes to the dark secrets of his past. Death is suicidal, and the other Horsemen are powerless against stopping him from ending himself and taking humanity with him. It’s up to Xander to save the world, but will he be able to save himself? (GRAPHIA, Apr., 336 pp., $8.99, PB, ISBN: 9780547970431, 14 & Up)

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Kelly Brennan