Image of Breath and Bone (Valen, Book 2)


Image of Breath and Bone (Valen, Book 2)

Set in a well-crafted world of magic, intrigue and dark secrets, this is
the intense conclusion to the adventure
that began in Flesh and Spirit, and
the books are best read in order.
The story is character driven rather than action packed, and Berg injects complexity into her characters with
a fascinating mix of noble intention and human weakness.

Valen is one of the pureblood sorcerers famous for their mapmaking skills. He's convinced that the realms of humankind and the fey-like Danae are in danger. If he can unlock the secrets of his heritage he may be able to save the world from destruction. But a prophecy that foretells his own death makes him a reluctant hero. (ROC, Jan., 464 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski