Image of The Breath of God (Tom Doherty Associates Books)


Image of The Breath of God (Tom Doherty Associates Books)

This book continues the epic that
started in Beyond the Gap. It's an entertaining story, set at the end
of an ice age, but the magical elements make it more fantasy than alternate history. The plot focuses on conflict between cultures, and the characterization is excellent. The hero is a strong protagonist, and his interactions with his fellow travelers provide depth to their journey, despite the slow pace
of their odyssey.

The great glacier has broken open, and those in the Raumsdalian Empire face a new world. Count Hamnet Thyssen and his lover, the shaman Liv, lead a small group in an exploration of the new territory. They hope to find the legendary golden Shrine, but danger lurks.

The Rulers, a violent group riding woolly mammoths and using powerful magic, attack and force the Raumsdalians to flee. Finding allies among another tribe, Hamnet prepares to do battle with the Rulers. (TOR, Dec., 336 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski