Image of Breath of Heaven


Image of Breath of Heaven

Combine an arranged marriage, a medieval knight, a mysterious huntress and a hateful villain with a splash of fantasy and you have Holby’s latest romance. It’s a wondrous adventure, full of action and suspense, which will enchant readers.

Rhys DeRemy owes his life to Lord Edward Chandler, and obedience to his king. The king orders him to marry at the same time that his old mentor asks him to take his daughter Eliane as a bride. With one marriage, Rhys satisfies his obligations and himself, for his wife is beauty and strength in one delightful package. But their wedding night is rushed when a treacherous villain attacks. Lord Vannoy is after a treasure in the Chandler woods, and he will kill anyone who gets in his way, and if it’s his longtime rival Rhys, all the better. The newlyweds are in for the fight of their lives to defeat their enemy and protect their people and an ancient secret that could destroy mankind. (LEISURE, Jun., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer