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by Teresa Medeiros

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Time Travel, Paranormal Romance


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When Arian Whitewood is accused of witchcraft and put to the test, she grasps the amulet she inherited from her mother and is suddenly hurtled through time from the 17th century to the corporate offices of the "boy billionaire," Tristan Lennox.

Cynical, reclusive Tristan has built a highly successful computer business, but he is haunted by a tragedy from his past that sends him on a search to prove that magic is real, not an illusion.

However, when Arian comes into his life, she not only has him questioning his beliefs, but weaves a spell of innocent enchantment around his hardened heart and wins a place as his wife.

As Arian's past, Tristan's dark secret and an ingenious enemy conspire to drive the newlyweds apart, the past must merge with the present to make way for the future.

Wondrous and brimming over with the love and laughter of Teresa Medeiros' enchanting style, BREATH OF MAGIC steals your heart. This "Pretty Woman" meets "Bewitched" is a nineties time-travel romance with a twist. Not to be missed. (Mar., 374 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed By: Kathe Robin

Publisher: Bantam

Published: March 1996

Reader Rating

3 Stars

Average Rating: 3 Stars
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Breath of Magic

Submitted by Robin in PA on April 9, 2012 - 8:39pm.

Reclusive millionaire Tristan Lennox says he'll pay one million dollars to anyone who proves that magic exists. Tristan doesn't believe in magic. He wants to smoke out his former business partner who once tried to kill him. But Tristan doesn't expect a woman flying on a broom to disrupt his contest. Arian Whitewood is escaping from a mob who wanted to drown her as a witch. She doesn't expect to be thrust 300 years into the future when she falls out of air and at the feet of Tristan. Right away he believes she may have been planted by his former partner. But soon Arian's innocence is charming Tristan into believing that magic just may exist.

I've always enjoyed a good time travel story, but this one was just too light for me. Arian has very little problem functioning in the future and seems to take everything in stride. I was confused by Tristan having this contest about magic when he clearly doesn't believe in it. We did not find out the reason for his contest until the middle of the book. I thought that should have been clarified much earlier in the book. There were some funny parts of the book, especially Tristan's inept bodyguard, Sven.

Looking at the reviews, most people liked this book more than I did. I think I will give the second book in the series a try to see if I like it better. My rating: 3 Stars.