The sound of gunfire in Boston reverberates in the Carolina backwoods as Jamie Fraser is asked by Governor Tryon to help unite the area behind the Crown. Unlike his fellow colonists, Jamie knows the outcome of the rebellion. His time-traveling wife, Claire, has informed him of the rebel victory.

Though Jamie knows the Loyalists are on the losing side, he is morally bound to try to avoid bloodshed. As he struggles with his knowledge, he's also troubled by a 1776 article describing the death of his family in a fire. He wonders if there's any way he can alter history.

Knowledge of upcoming events does not make life easier for Jamie and Claire; it places them in the middle of a moral dilemma, especially when their daughter Brianna's baby is born with a condition that is fatal is the 18th century but curable in the future. Torn between past and present, the Frasers face new challenges with the courage given them by their love.

From the first book in this series, readers have taken Claire and Jamie into their hearts and eagerly anticipated each chapter in their saga. Gabaldon's brilliant use of an accurate historical backdrop, combined with the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by her characters, adds extraordinary emotional depth and a broad scope.

No fan will be disappointed. Gabaldon plays on their emotions with the skill of a virtuoso storyteller who never fails to fascinate or surprise. SENSUAL (Oct., 976 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin