Image of Breathe: A Novel of Colorado (Homeward Trilogy)


Image of Breathe: A Novel of Colorado (Homeward Trilogy)

Bergren's description of 1883 Colorado is exceptionally vivid. Readers will feel the streets beneath their feet and smell the crisp mountain air. The characters come to life on every page. This is the first in the Homeward trilogy, and a return trip will be much anticipated.

Odessa St. Clair is dying from consumption, so her father sends her to Colorado Springs in hopes that the clean mountain air will cure her. She is accompanied by her brother, Dominic, and her sister, Moira. While there she befriends fellow patients Bryce McAllen and Sam O'Toole. When Sam is murdered a few nights after her arrival, it turns out that he left his land to Bryce and left Odessa a poem with clues to find his silver mine. With their health improving, Bryce and Odessa fall in love. Will Bryce be able to keep Odessa safe from the men who killed Sam? (DAVID C. COOK, Jun., 416 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Hanson