This contemporary author ventures into the historical venue with a charming story that wonderfully captures the aura of a turn-of-the-century Southern community.

Talk is the lifeblood of a town like Shivaree, Georgia and Lily Morgan had given the town a scandal that left it breathless when she was accused of adultery during her divorce from her husband five years ago. Since then, she has lived quietly as the town librarian.

Noted attorney and would-be politician, Daniel Walker dragged Lilys reputation through the mud. Now hes asked to stop Lily from closing the towns infamous gentlemens club.

Battling wits with Lily is not a simple matter. Lily has a strong mind of her own and Daniel is just as stubborn. The simmering anger Lily bears for Daniel wars with her growing desire for him.

When they join forces to expose a killer and save an innocent mans life, they also expose their true feelings and once more Lily risks her reputation to find love and happiness while Daniel wrestles with what he really wants in life.

Ms. Guhrke weaves a lively story where Southern respectability joins with simmering passion to heat up the pages giving readers a memorable romance. She beautifully captures the Southern small town atmosphere by creating realistic characters with very real emotions. Like a mint julep, BREATHLESS will go down just fine and have you waiting for Ms. Gurhkes next historical. SENSUAL (Aug., 389 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin