Nightclub owner Monique Robbins has had her unfair share of bad luck and betrayal in her life, yet refuses to stop believing in the innate goodness of people. After an employee absconds with a healthy dose of the club's money, Monique's best friends step in and find the perfect co-manager for the club.

Solomon Thomas accepts the position after scouting his potential workplace. He never guesses that the saucy, sassy and sexy hostess, Monique, is also the owner.

Monique and Solomon find the lost halves of their hearts and the fulfillment of their souls in each other, only to have their budding love threatened by his previous, disastrous marriage and Monique's past rising to haunt her in the daylight as well as in her nightmares. As Monique is stalked by a vengeful specter from her past, Solomon keeps the danger and terror at bay while sheltering her in the security of his love.

BREATHLESS could launch Ms. Walker into a promising career of writing romantic suspense. This is the first romance novel I've read in years that successfully conceals the "whodunit" until the end. This complex, sensual story gives the reader a poignant slice of a woman's haunted, lonely life which is transformed by love. Romantic suspense readers may argue who's the queen of the sub-genre, but after reading BREATHLESS, I think they'll all agree that Ms. Walker is the newest princess at court. (Apr., 304 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson