Image of Breathless


Image of Breathless

Edwards has penned three separate tales linked by women's support garments as plot devices. The sex is frequent in all three stories and ranges from tender and sweet to hot and racy. "To Die For" would benefit from being
a bit longer; both the action and the
end seem rushed.

Blue McCann can't under-stand her attraction to a silk corset, until she puts it on and is transported back in time to 1913 and into midwife Stella McCann's body in "Breathless." The choices she and handsome Dr. Stephens make could change history.

Tawny James doesn't want to ask her ex-boss, investigator Stack Hamilton, for help with a stalker, but she unknowingly holds a deadly secret in "To Die For." Three years ago a sleazy gallery owner almost made Mariel give up her dreams of becoming an artist. Will sexy carpenter Danny Glenn be able to help her turn her life -- and her art -- around in "Body by Gibson"? (APHRODISIA, Dec., 320 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes