Image of Breathless


Image of Breathless

Koontz's amazingly inventive mind gives his legion of fans a breathtaking new story filled with possibilities and hope. The focus is split across several different characters as events and their choices lead them to fateful interactions. Both thought-provoking and inspiring, this is just what readers expect from brand Koontz.

In the Rocky Mountains, craftsman Grady Adams and his wolfhound Merlin encounter something that defies explanation in the meadow. Down the road, veterinarian Camilla Rivers witnesses animals acting inexplicably. At this same time, long-estranged twins are reunited with unexpected consequences. When Grady summons Camilla to examine his discovery, her attempt at an explanation brings the full force of the government to bear.

In Vegas, the government summons a chaos theory expert to evaluate the threat potential, and in Seattle, two men plot murder. All these lives are heading toward an intersection with the amazing -- and the world will never be the same. (BANTAM, Dec., 352 pp., $28.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith