The House of Rohan trilogy ends perfectly as another generation upholds the reputation for scandal. Stuart crafts a heated romance with a glimpse into the darkness of passion and the humor of love while maintaining a strong plotline and a powerful secondary love story. These are marks of a grand mistress of the genre!

With only hate in his heart Lucien de Malhuer plots the ruination of Miranda Rohan. Yet he feels unfulfilled when she is shunned by society, because Miranda enjoys the freedom she has obtained. Obsessed with avenging his sister, Lucien woos her with kindness and friendship until the moment he abducts her, plotting to bed her, wed her and destroy her. When Miranda sees through Lucien’s plot she fights him with words and action even as she is attracted to the scarred, sensual man. Lucien battles for her surrender with every sexy secret in his arsenal. The shock is that with desire, comes love. But that love can lead to other obsessions, and when Miranda uncovers the truth of Lucien’s past betrayal she makes an unusual decision. (MIRA, Oct., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin