While the breeders are an intriguing group and the rituals and setting beautifully described, the characters in the story are never fully realized. The young woman, Nitara questions the world she lives in, but her awakening ends before it begins when she falls in lust with Akaash, her male sacrifice. Akaash spends most of the story drugged and tied up making it impossible for either the reader or Nitara to ever truly get to know him. Nitara uses Akaash to escape from her life and he uses her for sexual sport between him and his male lover Dhatri. Despite The Breeder’s M/M scenes, this novella is quite tame when compared to the other stories in the Wanderer series.

There are few men and even fewer women left alive after a solar storm devastated the earth. But there is hope in a small group of female breeders who are tasked with the responsibility of repopulating the earth. Taught from an early age how to bring pleasure to both herself and her partner, Nitara is more than ready to become a breeder. However, she has second thoughts about participating in the sexual ritual that will end in her impregnation and her lover’s death. Akaash, a fierce warrior, is ashamed for being taken by the breeders and wants nothing more than to return to his bonded lover and old life. But when he realizes that Nitara is as much a prisoner as he is, Akaash works to free them both. (SAMHAIN, May, dl. $3.50)

*WEB EXCLUSIVE REVIEW - Note: This story contains M/M scenes*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne