Readers will recognize Captain Lionel Redmayne from Magic and see him in a new light as he discovers how strong the healing power of love can be, even for an embittered cynic like himself.

Lion wonders if he is dead when he opens his eyes to find an ebony-haired angel tending his wound. All he remembers is being shot and lying in the center of some stone rings on the Irish countryside.

Since losing her home, Rhiannon Fitzgerald has been traveling in a caravan of gypsy wagons. Her fairy gift for healing leads her to Lion. Her belief in his hidden goodness keeps her by his side.

Lions hatred for his ruthless grandfather has been the driving force of his life. He is both fascinated by and fearful of Rhiannon because she does not believe in the kind of hate Lion is sure exists.

Rhiannons faith in Lion begins a healing process he does not understand. Once back in his camp, he starts seeing his men as people and feels the power of Rhiannons unconditional love. Knowing that kind of love allows him to face the demons of his past.

Kimberly Cates prose reminds us of a magical childhood tale where good triumphs and the princess saves the prince. This beautiful romance leaves an indelible mark on the soul. BRIAR ROSE will lift your spirit and make you believe that fairy tales can come true. SENSUAL (July, 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin