BRIDAL FALLS RANCH RANSOM (4.5) by Jan Hambright: Supermodel and bridal dress designer Eve Brooks’ career halted on the night her fiancé was kidnapped and somebody put a pipe bomb in her car. Now, six months later, Eve is a scarred recluse hiding on her family ranch — and the kidnapper is back. She hires California private detective J.P. Ryker to catch the kidnapper. J.P. knows he shouldn’t be thinking about bedding his employer but Eve’s courage carves a niche in his heart before he knows it. As the threats escalate, Eve is going to have to find the nerve to come out of hiding and face her troubles head on, with J.P. at her side. From the first explosive page to the end, Hambright keeps readers walking a fine line, never letting them fall over the explosive brink.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper