BRIDE, the third volume in the Rossmara Quartet, is the titillating tale of Lady Justine Girvin's fierce determination to discover and experience all the varied nuances of passion.

Proud and independent, Justine has deemed it her responsibility to write a manual for young women about what to expect from their husband and the marriage bed. To do her "research," she travels to the outer reaches of Scotland, and the isolated home of Lord Straun Rossmara, Viscount of Hunsingmore.

Straun has deliberately removed himself and his two children from society, fleeing his own guilt and a blackmailer's ruthless scheme, when Justine arrives unescorted and intent upon his teaching her the "manners of love."

Tormented by the past, Straun is unable to combat his need for the warmth and comfort Justine's friendship offers, while a twist of fate throws them into a compromising situation and marriage. Once he has opened his heart to his dauntless bride, Straun finds his world changing, but his nemesis stalks him and plots a madman's revenge with frightening consequences.

Cleverly crafted, well-plotted and brilliantly conceived, BRIDE is a most intriguing and highly sensual romance. As both sexual tension and danger mount Ms. Cameron leads characters and readers alike into a wonderfully exciting world. VERY SENSUAL (Dec., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin