When she is nine, Gwendolyn Wilder nearly kills the future chieftain of Clan McCullough when she fell out of a tree. That meeting changed history and their lives. Later that day, the chieftains family was slaughtered by the British and the village of Ballybliss prosperity ends.

Now, the Dragon of Weyrcraig prowls the crumbling old castle, making demands on the villagers. They try to sate him by offering a virgin sacrificeplump Gwendolyn.

The moment she sees the beasts face she faints. She awakens in the company of a man on a vengeance mission against the one who betrayed the chieftan long ago. Gwens presence jeopardizes his plans and when villagers storm the castle, the Beasts true identity is revealed, sparking an unexpected chain of events.

Revenge, redemption, guilt and innocence, wonderful storytelling and a romantic plot are the magic behind this spellbinding, beautifully rendered tale. Teresa Medeiros talent for incorporating humor and poignancy into a captivating fairy tale confirms her status as a spinner of the finest and most memorable of romances. SENSUAL (Apr., 300 p., $6.50—Hardcover published June 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin