The daughter of loving, artistic parents of noble heritage, Emily Crane longs for a quieter, calmer life. After she saves the life of Lord Richard Sheldon, her longings come to fruition.

Presumed dead, Richard arrives home from the jungles of South America in the middle of his mothers siance to raise him. Survival has made him a different person: the arrogant rake is gone. Meeting again at a ball, Emily and Richards lives change after an accident results in an engagement, albeit a make-believe one.

Emily is convinced that someone is out to kill Richard, not realizing that her life is also in danger. With the help of some of her fathers disreputable friends, she and Richard try to discover the killer.

BRIDE TO BE is a fast-paced story and Ms. Ashford is adept at adding humor and madcap characters to the story of a man searching for the true meaning of his life, the woman who shows him the way, and the discovery of the greatest gift of alllove. SENSUAL (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond