Dip into this delightful quartet of range romances that include yummy-looking country recipes. In 1868, Four sisters arrive in the town of Lickwind, located in Wyoming Territory, thinking they are mail-order brides. The only problem is James Collingswood ordered bridles, not brides! In Cathy Marie Hake's "From Halter to Altar," big-hearted Matty corrals the man who didn't think he ordered a bride, or even wanted one. Widowed and pregnant Corrine cooks her way into Luke Collingswood's heart. Her grief turns to joy when she goes "From Carriage to Marriage" in Janelle Burnham Schneider's novella.

Bossy Bess turns Lickwind inside out when she plays schoolmarm to dance hall girls and reforms the saloon keeper in the process. Gideon Riker stands no chance against the unconditional love of God in JoAnn A. Grote's "From Pride to Bride." And Pamela Kaye Tracy takes us "From Alarming to Charming" with tomboy Bertie's antics, designed to snare a man some folks think is the son of a cattle rustler. (Jun., 349 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson