Mylene has fought for Ireland's freedom all her life. Rescued from the streets of Dublin and trained to become a spy, she was sent to England as the daughter of a peer of the realm and now faces her greatest challenge.

Like Mylene, Johnny was a child of the streets, carefully trained and sent to complete the mission. Long ago they might have become lovers, and thrown together, the old passion flares. But their mutual desire can jeopardize everything.

Mylene loves her adopted father so when she is told that Lord Stanley must die, she rebels, a decision that puts her life in danger. Johnny has to save her life and still fight for freedom.

Fleeing across England, followed by a friend turned enemy, the two become lovers. They go to Dublin where Mylene tries to convince Lord Stanley to change his stand on Irish rights, but the Fenians will allow nothing short of death to compromise their plans.

This novel is an adventure romance at its best. Edge-of-the-seat tension, smoldering sensuality, danger at every turn and characters who steal your heart beautifully blend to paint a perfect picture and an enthralling romance. Katherine O'Neal never disappoints her fans who will savor her latest offering. SENSUAL (Sep., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin