Image of Bride Enchanted


Image of Bride Enchanted

From the ever-innovative Layton comes a deeply engrossing and poignant story that brims with passion, sensuality, adventure and an everlasting love.

Aubrey Ashford is the most handsome man that Eve Faraday has ever seen. In a room filled with beautiful women, he chooses her as his dance partner and asks her father's permission to court Eve, who soon accepts his offer of marriage.

Eve senses an aura of mystery about her husband, but it isn't until the couple is ensconced in his ancestral home that their happiness is threatened. When Aubrey's sister, Arianna, arrives at their All Hallows Ball, she suggests that Eve ask certain questions of Aubrey, who admits to being immortal and from a world different from her's. Will Eve live in his world, or will Aubrey live permanently in her's, despite the consequences? (AVON, Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond