Image of A Bride for His Convenience


Image of A Bride for His Convenience

Layton tackles the tried-and-true
marriage of convenience romance
with aplomb. Her well-developed
characters and a strong understanding
of the era bring readers into this deeply touching story.

Ian Sutcombe inherits the title of Marquis Sutcombe -- along with its responsibilities and empty coffers. It's imperative that he marry for money. The woman he finally chooses in what is to be a marriage of convenience is Miss Hannah Leeds, the daughter of a very wealthy merchant.

Hannah agrees to the marriage even though she knows there will be no love or passion in it. After being jilted by a former suitor, she no longer believes in love, but she develops a fondness and, eventually, love for her stern, aristocratic husband. Will the return of Hannah's suitor, bent on malicious mischief, become a wedge in her marriage to Ian? And can Ian learn to trust his delightful wife and turn this marriage of convenience into one of devotion, joy and love? (Avon, Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond